#1…We never know what new possibilities will open up after a “shake-up” – whatever the cause!

Listen to TIM TILLER’s story…who has been the Oklahoma’s National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s head of security since 2006.  Last month, he was asked to take over the museum’s social media accounts…even though he was “brand new” to social media…


#2…When presenting yourself to employers – whether through online job boards or virtual Job Fairs – like the upcoming MAY 11 to May 25th TIMES UNION Virtual Job Fair – keep in mind:  The last thing you want to convey are feelings of discouragement, worry, fear (no matter how real the feelings!)…         

Your job is to convey confidence and clarity about the skills, interests and experience (whether paid or not!) that you will bring to the position!  

EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT FEELING IT!  What do they say?  “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!” Set yourself apart! 

Comb through your experiences (on-the-job and outside of work)
Look for examples that convey what you have actually done, the skills that you have developed, when you feel most energized…
even if outside of paid employment or outside of your actual job titles/job descriptions.

Tim Tiller (I would guess) never imagined taking on the role of social media/digital content manager!  And even though he did not bring technical know-how, he clearly brings tremendous passion to this new role:

“I started here full time in 2016 as a floor guard and have worked my way up to where I am now. I love this museum…This is an exciting and fabulous place with a lot of art and history of the West, and I think everyone needs to see it. Even those that aren’t interested in the West I think would be amazed at some of the collection that we have here.

When you can give an example – “paint a picture” – there’s a much greater chance that the interviewer will remember you! 

So when asked, “What will you bring to this position,” you might start with, “I have good people skills.”  BUT DON’T STOP THERE!  Add some details which highlight your unique abilities!  For example, you might say, “I have a real knack with people…I used to help out a neighbor and spend time with her son who is on the spectrum…I felt very comfortable bringing him to concerts as he loves music!.”

Or if the employer is seeking someone who takes initiative, talk about a time when you did!… for example, “I was awarded EMS Provider of the year (2018) for consistently taking initiative around special projects as needed.”  Or “I took initiative to research employee health insurance wellness benefits (at ABC Company).

For more examples of highlighting your strengths in your resume and conveying them in your job interviews go to https://yourcareerfitmatters.com/bring-your-skills-strengths-interests-and-values-with-you/

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