Marsha Lazuras

Here’s the experience and qualifications that
I will bring
to our working together:

  • In my nearly 30 years as a workforce development professional in the Capital Region, I have established an extensive network of Human Resources professionals and individuals working in a wide range of industries. This network is invaluable in helping job seekers/career explorers to connect to a wide range of job options.
  • I am persistent, able to think outside the box and take great pleasure in helping job seekers find well-matched positions. 100% of the job seekers with whom I have worked – who stayed engaged in the job-seeking process – found well-matched opportunities.
  • I am interested in getting to know people and understanding what makes them unique. This natural curiosity serves me well as I strive to foster within each person the ability to more fully recognize their strengths and what excites them.
  • I have written hundreds of resumes focused on a particular career goal, that highlight each individual’s strengths.  Well-written, focused resumes open doors! …and build our confidence.
  • Providing job seekers with quality services has always been my motivator…even if it takes developing a new service or program. I am proud of having started “CareerLinks:  Creating Opportunities that Last, Inc.” in 1999…and other workforce development programs, which served over 1,700 adults and young adults and consistently exceeded contracted milestones.
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