whether you are looking to make a job or career change OR exploring getting into (or back into) the workplace…Then seek out opportunities which match! 

Jane is looking to get back into the work force.  She has always worked as a waitress and recently interviewed for a position with a fast food restaurant.  I asked her if this was a job that interested her…Her quick response was, “No, but I need a job and that’s all I know how to do!”

As we talked, Jane’s passion for dogs came out!  With a big smile, Jane told me about the Newfoundland dog that she owned several years ago.  “While I never received formal training in caring for this kind of dog,” Jane explained, “I taught myself… I researched online and spoke with lots of different people to learn about the kind of care, diet and medical challenges associated with this breed.”

In spite of Jane’s passion, knowledge and skills related to caring for an animal, she believed that waitressing and the fast food industry were all that she knows. That she has clearly developed other skills was obvious to me!

Eve is currently employed, but looking to make a career change. She has worked in the medical technology field for over ten years, but is seeking growth opportunities.  She wants to stay within the healthcare industry – as her skills/experience have largely been in this field. 

However, she is determined to advance to a supervisory position;  she would enjoy having the opportunity to use her coordinating/planning skills, ability to bring departments and their teams together and problem-solving skills.

Eve wondered how she would be able to convey her supervisory abilities and experience (in a resume and job interview) if she has never held an official supervisory title.  As we pursued our conversation, I learned that she had in fact been in supervisory roles, though never given the title.

In considering your job options, comb through your experiences (on-the-job and outside of work)
Look for examples that convey what you have actually done,
   when you feel most energized
nd the skills that you have developed  –
       even if outside of paid employment or outside of your actual job titles/job descriptions.

Keeping them in mind, highlighting these examples/strengths in your resume and conveying them in your job interviews will build your confidence AND prospective employer’s confidence in you!

As Jane’s career coach, I suggested jobs that might better match her interests – veterinarian technicians, technologists, dog groomers, dog breeders…and other considerations like starting a business versus seeking a job, the pros and cons of pursuing further education/training
versus learning on-the-job, etc.

Jane’s love for dogs, motivation to learn about the care required and excitement about caring for her dog were obvious! … These are the strengths and experiences that need to be highlighted in her resume and conveyed in a job interview if Jane chooses to pursue one or more of these options.

In Eve’s unofficial supervisory roles, she had been responsible for rescheduling employees and patients during lengthy renovations, asked to collaborate with several large departments to provide services to patients and provided day-to-day supervision to department staff.

These are the responsibilities – and the skills/abilities that they demonstrate – that need to be highlighted on Eve’s resume…and discussed during job interviews.  When Eve talked about her supervisory/coordinator-related abilities, a smile came onto her face and energy seemed to return to her demeanor.

Keeping these experiences and abilities in mind, highlighting them in her resume and conveying them in job interviews will build Eve’s confidence AND prospective employer’s confidence in her ability to take on a supervisory position!

And as you pursue your career goals – if you are looking for assistance/support – sign up for a free 1-on-1 career coaching/resume assistance session at the Pine Hills Branch  –  between 6 and 8 p.m. – on March 20th, April 17th, May 15th, June 19th or July 17th… Call the reference desk at 518-482-7911 x2.  For more information, go to  https://albanypubliclibrary.libcal.com/event/4906770.  For other dates and locations, go to the EVENTS tab on the homepage.

         Marsha Lazarus, MBA, Career Coach and Workplace Trainer







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