…but one that many job seekers struggle with and one that means a lot to employers!

Long-gone are the days when it was common practice to stay with a company for one’s entire career and proudly accept that sparkling gold watch at retirement!  So when I learned that Donna Rains has been with the same organization for 14 years, I wanted to know what’s kept her there!

Donna Rains and I last talked in 2007.   At that time, she was enrolled in an AAS Degree Program in Medical Assisting at Bryant & Stratton College and had just started a position at Albany Medical Center …an entry-level position through AMC’s Environmental Services – Patient Support Associate -paying about $10.50/hour.

For Donna, the answer is simple.  “It’s the loyalty that I feel from my manager and the institution overall.  That’s what keeps me here!  If you allow your employees to grow and make provisions/create an atmosphere in which they can grow, they will more than likely stay with the organization and help build the organization.”

“I’ve made a lot of transitions in my job in those 14 years!… and feel like a prodigy child,” Donna proudly shared.  “About a year and a half after starting at Albany Med,” Donna explained, “I graduated from Bryant & Stratton and was promoted to a PCA (Patient Care Associate), the step after the PSA position.  I worked in PRE-OP (the Outpatient Surgical unit).  The job involved a lot of administrative work and responsibilities like drawing blood/EKG’s; it gave me the opportunity to use many of the skills that I learned in school.

Then after about nine years, I switched over to Employee Health.  My goal was to more fully use the administrative skills that I had studied in my Associates Degree program.  It was in this position that I first realized how much having a manager – who is behind you/is routing for you – can make or break a job!”  Donna suggests posing these questions:  “Do you feel valued?”  “Are you treated like you matter?  Do you have a feeling of belonging?

“I only stayed 2 ½ years in that position.  In early 2020, I moved to Physician Recruitment, where I’ve learned (and continue to learn) a lot!

“Would you consider AMC a welcoming and inclusive workplace,” I asked Donna.

“I would say, ‘Yes, For the majority, AMC is a welcoming mat…you can create a family unit with your colleagues, your co-workers…AND FEEL CARED ABOUT!’

I have personally said, ‘Hello’ to our CEO, Dr McKenna.  And he has stopped and asked, “How are you doing?” and “Do you have plans for the weekend?” and waited for the answers…and to see the picture I shared of my pride and joy!  It makes a difference to people!  It’s priceless!”

“In my current position, in addition to building new skills – from arranging interviews, setting up full-day itineraries and participating in onboarding and the credentialing process – I feel valued and supported in very tangible ways!”

I have a manager who encourages me to take advantage of the opportunities offered at AMC.  She is truly a godsend.  She wants to see me succeed!”   My manager continues to encourage me to go back to school for my Bachelor’s Degree.  ‘It will be better for you,” she tells me.  And we’ll work with you with time.’”

A Win-Win! …opportunities offered by management AND AN EMPLOYEE,  so open and willing to take advantage of the opportunities offered to her!

And as Donna added, “It would certainly make going back to school more do-able!… And support my ultimate dream of home ownership, a gift to myself and my son.  I want my son Daniel to see that hard work pays off!”












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