Hello to colleagues, friends and job seekers/others with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work!

Although unable to meet in person, we can stay connected!  And as we are all having to make adjustments in our lives and daily routines, I hope that we are also finding some rays of light!

Walks through the neighborhood have replaced my NIA exercise classes at the Y.  Yesterday as I approached another walker, we each automatically moved to ensure that 6 foot distance.  At the same time, we smiled at each other.  I notice a softness, kindness between people (neighbors and even, strangers)… perhaps as Governor Cuomo describes, “…an increased awareness of our shared vulnerabilities and humanity.”

And whether you are now working remotely or your work hours have been reduced…whether you are having to juggle childcare, oversee your child’s school assignments AND FULFILL job expectations…

OR whether you are amongst those who have lost a job during company layoffs or simply trying to hold on to your job in this period of economic uncertainty, please consider the following:

  • THE DUST WILL SETTLE and the economy restarted…Sure, some industries will have contracted, but others are/will likely offer expanded opportunities!  
  • Try to be easy on yourself…YOU’RE DOING THE BEST THAT YOU CAN!;
  • Recognize that you are building skills and strengths from new routines and responsibilities;
  • TIME PERMITTING: Engage in online trainings to build new skills;  Continue to build your network!  The majority of job seekers find opportunities through friends, friends of friends… Ask a friend or colleague for an introduction.   The telephone or email are easy, accessible communication channels!

And there are organizations that are actively recruiting now.  Here are a few:

Amazon Warehouse in Schodack, CVS Pharmacies throughout the capital region, N.Y.S. Department of Labor, Regeneron, Shaker Place Rehab and Nursing Center (formerly Albany County Nursing Home), US Post Office as well as those seeking direct support professionals!

Times of crises are unsettling for sure.  However, they also shake things up and often lead to breakthroughs and new opportunities!

IT skills – and ability and confidence to learn/navigate new apps – will continue to be valued and sought by more and more companies.  Consider all the staff trainings and meetings, social gatherings, book club meetings and religious services now being conducted online!

And as the audiences for these meetings grow, so will the need for chrome books, laptops and tablets!  …Think of the workforce needs of the companies that manufacture these!

REGENERON is seeking data analysts and other individuals with science/data analysis training to support their efforts to develop coronavirus treatment as quickly as possible.  https://wgna.com/company-with-local-ties-is-developing-coronavirus-treatment/

The US Post Office continues to post new job openings every Friday on www.usps.com/employment.

And healthcare will continue to grow, especially given the $5 billion set aside for NYS in the recently approved Federal Emergency package!  Shaker Place Rehab and Nursing Center is one example;  they offer opportunities to get your foot in the door of the N.Y.S Retirement System:

WE LEARN FROM EACH OTHER!  Please share your thoughts, observations and career and training-related resources!

And most importantly, continue to stay safe and healthy!  


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