or friend or colleague?  A person who conveys enthusiasm and self-confidence?  Or someone who comes across as less interested…and uncertain about what they’re looking for or the skills that they have to offer? 

SO PUT YOURSELF IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT!  Ask yourself:  “When am I most enthusiastic?  …and JAZZED TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN?!”…

Spend time figuring out your workplace values, the skills that you enjoy using and the kind of workplace you prefer!  HOW?

Explore, meet with people informally, ASK QUESTIONS…And choose questions that are important to you:

Perhaps, you would like to learn what drew this person to a particular career, what they enjoy and don’t enjoy?  You might also want to ask about their job responsibilities…Does the job entail working with others, answering questions, providing information, teaching, providing support, etc.?  Or perhaps you want to better understand the skills that are required for this job/career?… For example, writing skills or basic or advanced math know-how?  How about the environment in which they work?…Is the job primarily outside or do they work in an office?  Is it a small office or many offices in a large building (or buildings)? …etc., etc.

The next step is to notice our reactions“Am I excited by what I heard?”  Or is it clear “This is not for me!”  Perhaps, you recognize the need for more information and exploration…with someone in a different department.

And we never know where these conversations will lead us! …perhaps to a career we had never thought about (or even knew existed!)…  Perhaps to an individual in a hiring position, who happens to be willing to train someone with our specific package of strengths and experience! Or perhaps to the realization that the job that we thought was a good match is not, but a different position is!

Exploration will lead to greater understanding of ourselves and our options…and ultimately to greater success in the workplace!




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