“In my thirty years in workforce development, I’ve learned a lot! Probably of most importance: ALL OF US – no matter what our education level, skills, or life experience – have strengths and talents and also challenges/limitations…And OUR STRENGTHS, TALENTS, AND LIMITATIONS MATCH CERTAIN JOBS BETTER THAN OTHERS.

…Certainly not rocket science! but whether we’re a manager, supervisor or human resource professional, our personal preferences or unconscious biases can keep us from seeing an employee’s abilities or limitations.

Seventy professionals gathered on 12/9/15 at the SEFCU Dora Maxwell Auditorium to learn about strategies for fully utilizing employees — with and without disabilities. Moderated by Pinnacle Human Resource President Rose Miller — and sponsored by the Mental Health Association in N.Y.S. and the Autism Society of the Capital Region — the forum included panelists from both the HR and employee perspectives.

To hear more about this discussion and strategies for supervisors and employers to more fully utilize the talents of all your employees, go to: https://crhra.site-ym.com/?January2016

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