There are lots of great job-seeking tips!
Be persistent! Believe in yourself! Get your resume out there!…Tips on creating a winning resume, on putting your best foot forward in the job interview AND MUCH MORE!

But what do we do when we begin to feel discouraged, find our energy and motivation dwindling?  We’re doing everything that we believe we are supposed to be doing!…vigilantly scrolling through the job postings listed in all those Indeed e-notices in our inbox…downloading our resume for every position that remotely fits our experience and skills…

But not getting any responses!... There is so much riding on getting into and feeling successful in the workplace!  It’s scary if we’re unsure about being able to pay the bills! It can also deeply impact our self-confidence! Experiencing ourselves as integral, contributing members of the community truly impacts our sense of well-being and value…

And yet it’s self-confidence and an optimistic, upbeat presentation that ultimately wins over prospective employers! And it’s easy to miss those opportunities that are out there when we feel discouraged (and believe that we have few or no options)!

Being actively engaged in a job search is energizing…AND CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE ON OUR MOTIVATION! Staying active and involved is known to have positive impact on our self-confidence, energy level and ability to enjoy…The same is true with the job-seeking process. Putting ourselves in the driver’s seat can also strengthen our ability to open doors!

Finding what energizes us – and what we are naturally drawn to – are great starting points! For some of us, the answer is obvious. But for others, it takes some digging, self-reflection, asking ourselves questions like…
“What am I doing when I feel most alive or that my world has opened up in some way?”… whether it’s solving a problem, creating, connecting with someone, traveling, or listening to sports on the radio… “What comes so naturally to me that I think it’s “normal” and something that everyone can do it!?”

AND THEN WHEN YOU BEGIN TO DISCOVER (or rediscover) whatever it is that makes you feel most alive, FIND A WAY TO DO MORE OF IT!… There’s a good chance that you will feel reenergized, in charge of your life and back in the driver’s seat!

Speaking with people in different fields/conducting informational interviews can also teach us a lot about what energizes us…OUR OWN WORKPLACE PREFERENCES, VALUES, GOALS AND STRENGTHS AND JOBS/CAREERS THAT FIT!…and guide us back to the driver’s seat!

This past winter at one of the many Job Fairs that I attend, I had the opportunity to speak with FINGERPAINT MARKETING representative Bryan O’Malley. He explained to me that all of their job candidates “spend a whole day meeting with staff…and we know by the end of the day if we want to hire an individual!” “What is just as important,” he added, “is that the candidate knows if this is a place where she or he wants to work”…and in her driver’s seat!

Whether you are new to the workplace, returning to the workplace or looking to make a change – meeting and building relationships with individuals connected to your field of interest CAN OPEN DOORS!…and help you to get into the driver’s seat heading for the career that fits you!

Last May, Blaise Bryant was offered the Communications and Outreach Associate position at Consumer Directed Choices. I asked Blaise how and when he heard of the job opening. “I first learned of the position this past March when my colleague and friend Denise DiNoto and I were presenting together to a Healthcare Worker class.” …before it was advertised through Indeed,, etc.!

We can make these important connections in many ways! It had been quite a number of years since John C. was employed in a professional capacity; he had struggled with chronic depression for over 25 years. While I suggested networking opportunities to reconnect him and uncover job openings in his field, he explained later that this strategy did not work for him; he did not have the confidence to reach out to folks that he did not know.

WHAT JOHN WAS ABLE AND WILLING TO DO was to continue to volunteer in a neighborhood – based organization, whose mission he valued. While he was not getting paid, he was able to use his financial management and computer skills and “truly feel valued.” Several months later, John called. He had been hired by this agency after their Financial Administrator retired!

So as you look for that job that fits you!…And as you work to keep your confidence strong, what are you willing to try now? …temporary assignments, internships, advisory roles, volunteer opportunities, clubs/interest groups, informational interviews? In John C’s words, “Doing what we love builds our sense of well-being….Just being aware that I was contributing to an organization helped me tremendously!” And as we both agreed, you never know when you’ll meet someone who knows someone who is looking for your skills…or perhaps, is the one who is looking for someone with your skills!

Looking to speak with a seasoned, compassionate workforce development professional…I would be happy to schedule a 30 minute free consultation with you!  Marsha Lazarus, MBA




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