Between October and January 1st, festivals of lights from different traditions abound! – Diwali, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza (and no doubt, many others!), all with the same beautiful message:  “We can bring light into our lives even during the darkest months of the year!”

But if it’s true that we are hard-wired to notice and “scout for the bad stuff” (according to psychologist and author Rick Hanson), It’s going to take intention (and “rewiring”) to replace that “negativity bias”…perhaps, especially at this time of the year!

Mary A. Rosch’s 11/25/21 blog posting “Gratitude Journal” was (and continues to be) an important reminder for me!  Mary gives us clear instructions on how she has “rewired”:

“…Every day take a minute or two to write down anything that comes to mind for which I am grateful. The purpose being to start truly seeing all that I already have. My therapist told me there had been studies that proved a daily gratitude practice rewires our brains. That made it seem worth it to me.

So, I went home and picked out a small notebook from my on-hand collection of blank notebooks (do you, too, buy notebooks but save them for the “right” thing?) and started that night.”  Read more at

It’s easy for us all to fall into that habit of looking for what we’re not good at, what we don’t have…What a relief to be reminded to refocus!…
on what I’m proud of, what I’m grateful for, all that’s enriching in my life!…and Wow, how energizing                    and a spur to action!

Thank you to each of you who has shared with me over this past year about your career (and personal journey), what matters most to you and how you define success!  It gives me great pleasure to shine a light on each individual’s unique package of talents and obstacles AND HOW YOU SO SKILLFULLY DRAW FROM BOTH…to contribute in the workplace, the community and with family and friends!  Know that you have enlarged my world!

Wishes for good health, well-being and a willingness to appreciate your wonderful attributes and how you do make a difference!


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