“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”

…a simple, valuable reminder for all us (from ancient sage and scholar Hillel) and a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year!

Thank you to all those people who live by this motto!  You enliven our hope and optimism that people – no matter where they live or the challenges that they have faced – can get a fair shake, work towards their goals and live productive, fulfilling lives…

 It truly does take A VILLAGE to make a difference and have impact on people’s lives!

Within about six months of leaving my position as Director of Workforce Development at the Mental Health Association in N.Y.S., my business goals became apparent…AND I FOUND A VILLAGE of like-minded, like-valued people and organizations that allowed me to realize these goalsMy vision was (and continues to be) to provide quality career/employment services to job seekers – including those  without  the resources to pay for them.

THANK YOU to HARRIS OBERLANDER, CEO of Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region, LOIS GORDON, LEAH LAFERA, CHRISTINE SYMES, MEG MAUERS, DEANNA DICARLO, LAUREN CARDINAL and others from the Mohawk Valley and Upper Hudson Library systems and all the dedicated folks at ACCES-VR for opening their doors to my career services.

THANK YOU to Trinity Alliance SNUG outreach workers Emerald Cancer-Jackson, Demetrius Irby, AnQuan McLean, Richard Williams and Yacob Williams, Family Peer Advocate Joanne Miller and MANY OTHER DIRECT SERVICE WORKERS AND ADVOCATES!

…Without your extra support, “not easily giving up” attitude and tangible assistance to job seekers, I would not have the chance to provide participants with quality career services! …OR SEE THESE INDIVIDUALS BEGIN TO BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES and demonstrate the desire to pursue their dreams! 

HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR…I look forward to continuing to work together in 2020!


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