… to locate your source of energy, strengths and the unique talents that you bring to the world, whether looking to get back into the workplace, make a change at work or find meaningful opportunities to contribute!

For most of us, our career path is not a straight line! And yet, each detour and experience (including outside         of work interests!) can help MOVE US CLOSER TO A POSITION that matches our aspirations and talents!

Jake’s career path is a great example!  For five years, Jake worked as a Teacher Assistant in Special Education.  But shortly after COVID-19 brought about school closures and remote learning, he found himself unemployed.

Jake realized that he was not happy in his work even before losing his job.  But it was being unemployed that lit the match for him to actively seek out opportunities in the IT field!

This past September, Jake was hired as an IT Technician by a local school district.  And in his words, “The best thing about my current job is that I get to work on computers AND help the students – my two passions!” 

Jake knew from an early age that he was interested in computers.  “In elementary school, I was the weird kid – instead of grabbing the comic books or video magazines, I grabbed the computer magazines.  I was the one that convinced family members to buy computers so I could use them!  And after buying several computers that did not last, I built one!

So after losing my TA job, I started seriously researching what IT employers were looking for! I spoke with lots of people and did a lot of googling? …trying to figure out, ‘Did I need to go back to college and earn a degree in computer technology?’

What I learned:  “Certifications were the way to go!” – especially the A+ !  I studied recommended text books, took practice tests that I found on google – even while still working as a TA! I was extremely motivated!  The idea of working in IT was exciting!  And after earning my A+ certification, the calls to come in for interviews began!  The rest is history!”


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