The opportunities that open up may be different from your original ideas…in organizations you had never considered or even job titles that you had never heard of!…

But guaranteed…the more in touch you are with what’s most important to you in a job – your values, the skills that you enjoy using – AND THE MORE YOU ARE WILLING TO SEEK OUT OPPORTUNITIES through which to use and demonstrate your skills…

the greater the chance that meaningful opportunities will come your way!

Jason is a member in a Moving Forward Together group that I facilitate – a group of skilled professionals, seeking meaningful new opportunities.  He is a talented multimedia producer and has been unemployed for almost a year…

Jason was feeling pretty discouraged.  But when he learned that a local media arts organization welcomed professionals from the community to share their skills and expertise, he jumped in!  “I value their mission!  I ‘ve been hosting their radio show once a week, and have had the opportunity to produce in-depth segments on animal shelters and other worthwhile organizations.  I realize what a difference using my creative skills has made on my spirits and self-confidence!”

AND a couple of meetings later… “A great opportunity from a local museum just fell into my lap!”  Jason reported.  He explained that he was hired to create an educational video for the museum’s summer programming.  “It’s cool to know that my name is out there!”

GETTING YOURSELF OUT THERE builds self-confidence…and SELF-CONFIDENCE ATTRACTS OPPORTUNITIES!  Think about it!  Who would you most likely hire or refer to your employer or to a friend or colleague?  A person who conveys enthusiasm and self-confidence?  Or someone who comes across as feeling discouraged and not clear about the skills that they have to offer?

Leslie is another Moving Forward Together group member and  is known for her passion for promoting WELLNESS and GOOD MENTAL HEALTH!  Her goal is to seek out opportunities that allow her to express her passion, while working in her current administrative position . 

And she has!  Every Monday, she sends out a wellness message to members of her department.  One of Leslie’s job responsibilities is supervising department interns.  In line with her values, she suggested to these students to use the campus Wellness Day as part of their internship (including recruiting other students to help out.). And recently, she was asked to co-chair the department’s Employee Assistance Program committee!

Leslie has gotten the word out about her interests!  And she has found ways to incorporate her passion – meaningful WELLNESS – focused projects – into her job.  WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL COME HER WAY NEXT?!

AND SO WHEN YOU RECOGNIZE what it is that makes you feel most alive and energized, FIND A WAY TO DO MORE OF IT!…whether on the job, through a temporary position or even, a volunteer opportunity!

And keep in mind that both informal networking conversations and actual job interviews give us the chance to STRUT OUR STUFF! …and share examples from any of our experiences that demonstrate our ENTHUSIASM, ENERGY AND ABILITY TO CONTRIBUTE IN THE WORKPLACE!…and will ultimately, attract job opportunities that match our skills and passions!

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