When Stacey Abrams lost the 2019 Georgia Governor race, what a huge disappointment it must have been!  And at the same time, she chose to recognize her accomplishments! 

She was the 1st African-American woman nominated by a    national party for governor in the United States of America!

And through her efforts and that of The New Georgia Project, the organization that she founded, $1.2 million African-Americans turned out to vote (more than the # that voted on the Democratic ticket for the 2014 national elections!)

And in recognizing these successes, Stacey Abrams was able to see that the obstacles were not insurmountable…just a little high!

IN SPITE OF OBSTACLES AND CLOSED DOORS, look for what you have accomplished! and where your strengths lie!   Meeting with a career coach – interested in helping you identify that spark inside that motivates you and makes you unique – can make a difference! ….and assist you in recognizing opportunities that match and writing a resume that targets these opportunities!

 And as Stacey Abrams advises, we’ll look for your answers to:

  • WHAT DO I WANT? … What’s the kernel inside AND your specific workplace preferences?
  •  WHY DO I WANT IT? … Otherwise, it’s going to be tough to try again!
  • HOW DO I GET IT?   …What are the steps that will lead you towards WHAT YOU WANT?

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