Thinking outside of the box… Connecting Job Seekers to the Business Community…

“We know in the professional world that making those personal connections is so important for getting ahead, finding employment,” stated MHA, Rockland County Clinical Supervisor and Local Business Advisory Council (LBAC) Coordinator Brandon Beachamp, LMHC (during my recent visit). In fact, according to Capital Region Career Counselor guru Dr. Tom Denham, networking remains the most effective job search technique.

“Yet,” Beachamp continued, “in most publicly-funded employment services/vocational rehabilitation programs, you don’t see networking skill-building as an integral part of the curriculum!” The idea of networking is daunting for many job seekers…even those with significant amounts of work experience and confidence in their fields …and sometimes, including vocational service providers!

And so I was intrigued to hear about the March LBAC event planned by our newest Local Business Advisory Council at the MHA of Rockland County…

To hear how they incorporated networking and relationship-building into their vocational services, go to:
A Visit to MHA of Rockland County Local Business Advisory Council (LBAC)

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