and understand her employer’s expectations have worked well for her AND LED TO TREMENDOUS WORKPLACE SUCCESS!

Over the past six years, whenever I have visited the bank in which Katie L. works, it would be hard not to notice her warm smile and welcoming manner.  I am sure that I have not been the only one on the waiting lines, secretly hoping that my turn would coincide with Katie taking her next customer.

And so when I recently learned that Katie had been promoted from teller to banker, I was not surprised!  “After all,” I thought, “What better qualifications for a banking position than excellent customer service skills.” But when we sat down to talk, I learned that there was much more to banking careers, Katie’s job fit and her path to achieving workplace success!  

“Bankers are expected to outreach to customers and sell a certain quota of products,” Katie explained.  I have had to figure out my style and where my comfort and confidence are strong…I enjoy building trust with my customers…and then assisting them as needs arise.  But that takes time!”

Katie’s self-awareness – coupled with an understanding of her employer’s needs and goals – have paid off!  Katie’s ability to build strong relationships with customers in fact enhanced her sales #s.  Her customers sought her suggestions and assistance with taking advantage of other bank products and services.

With this success, Katie’s self-confidence has grown! …and has caught the attention of the bank’s district and regional managers.  She was recently approached by both managers and offered the branch manager position!

What a compliment and certainly another boost to Katie’s self-confidence!  But she knows herself well! “I am much less comfortable initiating a conversation and giving unsolicited advice/suggestions…But I am proud of my knowledge of the bank’s products and operations…and enjoy sharing that with customers and colleagues!”

Katie is giving the branch manager offer careful thought.  She is also keeping an eye out for back-office type jobs – auditing, operations manager, staff trainer.  “These would especially match my personality and strengths!”

LOOKING FOR WHERE YOUR STRENGTHS AND SELF-CONFIDENCE LIE?…and that right job fit?  Ask yourself:  “Do I look forward to going to work more days than not?”  “Is my self-confidence and positive attitude still strong or is it dwindling?”  “Do I feel envious of someone else’s position/wish I had it?”

Perhaps, there is another position in the department or organization that interests you more/or matches your strengths and skills better.  Or this might be a great time to speak with your supervisor.  Be positive about your strengths and what you enjoy doing.  Ask if there are opportunities to do more in these areas.  And if not, it might be time to explore other opportunities!

Because as Katie has demonstrated, When we are able to build on our strengths and respect our values and workplace preferences, our self-confidence grows along with workplace satisfaction and success!

Marsha Lazarus, M.B.A., Career Coach/Workplace Trainer

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