Whether looking to get back into the workplace, find something better or even, volunteer your time and skills,  I encourage each of us to RECOGNIZE OUR STRENGTHS, UNIQUE TALENTS and THAT WHICH ENGAGES AND EXCITES US!  Oftentimes, they fit together…and strengthen our resilience, sense of pride, belonging and not least, SELF-CONFIDENCE!… and make a huge difference in the job interview!

BEGIN by asking yourself these questions: 

What am I doing when I feel most alive or feel that my world has opened up in some way?… whether it’s solving a problem, creating, connecting with someone, traveling, or listening to sports on the radio…

Blaise Bryant was “only ten years old when he knew radio would become his dream job.” In his words, “It was the first time I’d ever heard baseball on the radio; the detailed descriptions really sold me and the rest has been history…As a person who’s blind, radio is the only medium where pictures are created in words instead of visuals. Radio is also well known as theatre of the mind because you’re taking those word pictures and developing them just by processing the info. With that said, it’s the easiest medium to relate to. Plus, radio gives you the ability and freedom to create those pictures and send them out to the audience…the only photography I’d be able to do successfully.”

What comes so naturally to me that I think it’s “normal” or that everyone can do it?

What do I do (or have done in the past) that I enjoy and causes me to be so absorbed that I lose all track of time?

Stephen Hawking’s research and tremendous intellect come to mind! Following Hawking’s passing this past February, physicist Kip Thorne marveled at Hawking’s mental prowess. “Hawking was able to develop new ways of wrapping his brain around things that enabled him to out-think anybody else in the field…And he out-thought people with great regularity.” 

Prior to his Lou Gehrig disease diagnosis, Hawking reported that he felt bored with life. “There had not seemed to be anything worth doing.” After his diagnosis, Hawking showed a new intensity for his work and began studying black holes and the origins of the universe. As his health diminished—he began using a wheelchair—and his life and research flourished…ALONG WITH HIS INTELLECT.

Probably the best-known scientist in the world’s final message to all of us was humble, but clear about what energized him! “Our picture of the universe has changed a great deal in the last fifty years. I am happy if I made a small contribution…I want to share my excitement and enthusiasm about this quest.”  What a meaningful way for Hawking to engage his intellect…which came so naturally to him!

What makes you feel useful, excited, inspired?

Sometimes it is the particular challenge that we have faced and overcome that defines our passion or mission…and a desire to help others overcome the same challenge!

Think of how many people are drawn to help others in areas that have challenged them or a family member… Recently, a friend of mine, who leads children’s activity groups shared, “I find myself particularly attuned to the quieter, frequently unnoticed children. That was my experience growing up…and is so integral to the work that I do.” I also think of lots of folks who now work in the disabilities field, including addictions…They grew up with a sibling with a disability or confronted their own chemical addiction.

Rita Corey is the founder and artistic director of Musign Theatre Company, a troupe of four performers (including herself), all of whom are deaf. “Performing is in my blood. But my passion,” Rita explains, “is to make music’s excitement accessible to both hearing and deaf audience members…Deaf people don’t think they’ll enjoy music. I try to prove them wrong by visualizing it. They realize it’s fun to watch, fun to feel the vibrations coming through the floor.” Rita’s excitement has got to be catchy…and integral to her success!

I challenge each of us to locate our source of energy, our strengths and the unique talents that we bring to the world…including the workplace!


Career Coach/Trainer


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