Marsha is very encouraging and suggestive of ideas to help get me past mental blocks that I struggle with.
Jean C.

I learned to be more explicit about my specific work abilities and more optimistic in presenting my capabilities.
Grace T.

Marsha’s patience and knowledge is so comforting and helps you to express your information more easily.
Jeannette M.

I now feel ready to put my best foot forward in my interview.  Thank you Marsha.
Tammy T.

I feel a lot more confident in doing job searches on my own after meeting with Marsha.  She took great effort to help me.
Tracy T.

Marsha has a wealth of knowledge and she is very willing to share.
Michael M.

Marsha was professional and caring…What was especially helpful was a more in-depth exploration of ideas and jobs.  I learned how to better target my career change and resume-writing.
Susan S.

What was especially helpful were ideas to think outside of traditional job searches…Great information.  Thank you!
Erin H.

Marsha was very understanding and knowledgeable about resources and current trends in the field.
Leslie W.

It was good to talk with someone who cared about what I had to say and could offer relevant suggestions.
Theresa S.

Marsha customized her presentation to fit my needs.  The one-on-one session was extremely valuable.
Maria M.

I would recommend Marsha to anyone who needs a career coach.  She gives great insight on your present and past experiences.
Emily K.

Marsha Lazarus was wonderful – so helpful, encouraging and had great information that is pertinent to improving a resume.
Carolyn B.

Marsha relates to her audience beautifully…does a great job of building rapport.  She is obviously incredibly knowledgeable and goes about harnessing her knowledge to address specific situations.
Janet C.

Speaking with you provided me with a lot of clarity about my career future. And thank you so much for creating these connections. I am excited to follow up with all of these contacts!
Colin L.

Thank you for sharing your expertise so generously. Most of your resume suggestions I incorporated as written with a few minor changes. You’re terrific!
Laura B.

I used career coaching services from Marsha Lazarus and recommend her services. She has developed written material to help with interviews that anyone can utilize no matter what career an individual is going into. Also, Marsha has a vast professional network which she shared with me during my job search to determine what type of job would best fit my past experiences and skills. I learned how to express myself to employers by identifying my strengths and reflecting on what support I would need to help me maintain employment.
Raphael L.

I especially appreciated the opportunity to speak with you one-on-one. I also appreciate how much time you put into looking into possible careers for me. Thanks!
Ashley M.

Marsha you have been a great resource to me since the day I first met you at the Albany Public Library’s “Dead End Job” workshop. You have helped me map out ways to accomplish my goals and obtain the career of my desire. You are accessible and willing to help me in any way. I have taken the techniques you have taught through your classes and applied them to my life and it has really boosted my confidence. But, what I really appreciate the most is the compassion and love for what you do that you bring to every workshop and consultation. You not only care about what you are doing but about people. Every time I sit down with you I know that you really care and want to see me succeed. The level of expertise that you provide is invaluable and I would recommend your services to anyone that is at a dead end in their career or needs a career shift.
Shondria S.

Thank you very much Marsha for the guidance for the enclosed cover letter. I also want to thank you for the encouragement you gave me yesterday. Sitting behind the computer screen typing out emails and reading rejection letters, even polite ones, is damaging to the self-confidence. I left you feeling much better about myself than I did going in. That’s a real gift you have.
Robert T.

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